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PUBLIC INQUIRY COMMENT ——————————————————————————————
A quick word in support of all of those who contacted me regarding the Inspectors report which came out in February after a two week long Public Inquiry at NWBC into proposals by the Merevale Estate to build a waste disposal complex and 2 power stations at Merevale Lane close to the villages of Baddesley Ensor and Baxterley.
This Application was ‘called in’’ by the Government Office for the West Midlands ( GOWM ) as a result of the public outcry after the proposal was passed for approval at WCC in 2009.
The site in open countryside and next to villages was flagged up as being in breach of local planning guidelines by WCC who passed it in spite pf the fierce local opposition and the question was asked many times as to what the point of these guidelines might be if they are ignored by more powerful developers and subsequently disregarded by the WCC.
Residents were very pleased that this was ‘called in’ for review because they felt that at least there would be some reasonable consideration of residents views but those residents who called to comment were not happy with the tone of the report which they felt glossed over or ignored the valid concerns of local people which they felt were largely proven.
Of particular note was the status of the site which many locals feel was a ‘Greenfield site’ and unsuitable for such a development but the inspector chose not to rule on this point as it was considered immaterial to the main discussion.

‘ Baxterley Gazette ’

Google photograph of the site at Merevale Lane

This photograph from the Google site shows how the area of the old spoil tip had overgrown, returned to nature and blended into the landscape.

This site was originally described as a ”Greenfield site” by NWBC Planing Department and was barred from the evidence at the Public inquiry on a technicality.