Baxterley Village


The historic Parish of Baxterley is an agricultural area of remarkable natural beauty which is increasingly popular with visitors of all kinds.

Although not in the Doomsday Book, Baxterley Village seems to have been in existence since at least Saxon times when North Warwickshire was part of the Forest of Arden.

The name of Baxterley is a combination of the Old English word for ‘baker’ which is ‘baecestre’, and the Saxon word ‘leah’ which means ‘clearing’ and until the 1980s an old bake-house remained at Ivy Bank behind the now closed village shop. Earlier spellings are Basterleia 1170, Baxterledge 1221, Bagterleye 1232, and Bakestereley in 1293.

The Manor of Baxterley was established in Medieval times by the Normans when village life would have centered around Baxterley Church and the nearby Manor House, Baxterley Hall.