Baxterley Village

The Coal Mine

Stratford pit shafts number 1 and 2 c. 1870

  • Stratford pit shafts number 1 and 2 c. 1870

  • Speedwell pit c.1890

  • Stone crushing c.1890

    Stationary steam engines were used for powering many differing processes. Here an engine is being used to crush stone for road surfacing.

  • The pit c.1895

  • The sinking of shaft number 3 1896

  • Open cast mining c.1900

    The primitive workings were effective but potentially dangerous.

  • The colliery c.1900

    This photo was taken with Baxterley Main Road in the background. On the left is the outline of the windmill.

  • The pit c.1900

  • Warwickshire mining c.1900

    This photo shows one of the Nuneaton mines; Haunchwood Nowells Colliery at Galley Common.

  • The colliery after completion of shaft number 3 c.1900

  • Pit engine c. 1910

    With the invention of the steam train the local mines soon introduced their own engines.
    Here is ‘Angel’ which worked at the Lees Quarry at Hartshill.

  • Pit ambulance 1918

  • Pit pony c.1920s

  • Horse drawn truck c.1920

    Even with the introduction of steam engines horses and ponies continued to be used above and below ground.

  • New head gear 1922

    The team of fitters who installed new head gear during 1922. Jesse Stokes who was 18 at the time this photo was taken is third from the left.

  • Open cast mining 1929

    Amos Smith (on the left) together with a colleague posing at the ‘Outcrop’ mine in Grendon during 1929.

  • Baddesley Colliery 1937

    Outside the blacksmiths shop at the colliery.
    Rear left; Arthur Smallwood, Ray Tilsley, Jesse Stokes and Joe Earp.
    Front left; Ted King, Geo Greenway, Ernie Warner, H. Meer and Arthur Hawkes.

  • Camouflage 1940s

    This photograph was taken during WWII when many of the coal mine buildings were camouflaged. The painted trees on this end wall were still visible when the mine closed in 1989.

  • Colliery rescue team 1945

    The Birch Coppice rescue crew from 1945.

  • Colliery rescue team 1960

    The Birch Coppice rescue team.

  • The coal mine c. 1980s.